Cycleways & Trail Management

Expertise & Know-How

Herbanatur has specialized for nearly two decades in the development of innovative spraying technologies that optimize the performance of invasive and toxic species management operations.

We offer the public and private sector various specialized services involving the management and control of unwanted vegetation.

Our expertise developed in the field over the past twenty years gives us know-how recognized by public management.

Several  municipalities can also testify to the purity and effectiveness of our interventions.

Eco-Friendly Vegetation Control

The application technology of our organic herbicides is based on a combination of different cutting-edge vaporization systems and devices adapted to intervention techniques specific to the types of infrastructure to be controlled. The application of our product to treat infested areas is carried out by our certified technicians using equipment specially adapted for all situations.

The spraying of our product along the roadsides is carried out in complete safety by respecting the new road safety code in force.

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Wildlife Friendly

Safe for wildlife, birds and insects

Re-entry Interval

No re-entry interval required


No unpleasant odors

Kills to the Root

Systemic action

Buffer Zone

Can be applied next to bodies of water

Seeding Interval

48 hours after the spray

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