Quality Control

Quality Management

Designed for people working in quality control in manufacturing and service organizations, this program gives you a hands-on focus to learn to effectively manage performance, inventory, and quality of production.

Whether you have experience in QA or not, you’ll develop stronger knowledge in quality auditing, performance management, statistical design and more to give you the skills you’ll need daily in a quality assurance position. Not only will you learn how to implement quality management systems in any organization, but you’ll also focus on the influence of global markets on the quality of products.

By training with current industry professionals in operations management, you’ll be preparing for more effective quality management and a stronger, successful career.

Our 6 steps to develop a quality control process

  • Set your quality standards. 
  • Decide which quality standards to focus on. 
  • Create operational processes to deliver quality.
  • Review your results. 
  • Get feedback. 
  • Make improvements.
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