A.D.I.O.S.™ Organic Weed Killer Small Bag 960 g

A.D.I.O.S.™ Organic Weed Killer Small Bag 960 g


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Mixing & Coverage chart
Mixing & Coverage Chart

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Product Description

Product name: A.D.I.O.S. Selective Bio-Herbicide

Type: Post emergence foliar herbicide for the control of broadleaf weed.

Description: A.D.I.O.S. is a non-toxic and odorless selective weed killer that can be safely use on turf & lawn or around ornamental plants, bushes, small trees, fruits and vegetables gardens.

No buffer zone required next to drinkable fresh water wells or wetlands.
All natural, A.D.I.O.S. is totally safe to be used around children and pets.

Mode of action: Once sprayed to the point of run-off on the aerial parts of the weed, an osmotic effect takes place to drive A.D.I.O.S. right through the foliage, stems and finally, all the way down to the roots. This systemic reaction provides a rapid desiccation of the weed due to rapid loss of water from the plant cells.

Visible signs of control may be seen shortly after the application of A.D.I.O.S. Only one application is usually required to get rid of annual weeds. A few application may be needed to get rid of perennial weeds.


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10 reviews for A.D.I.O.S.™ Organic Weed Killer Small Bag 960 g

  1. Timothy

    Adios saved my lawn.

  2. Tyler

    Eco-friendly and effective.

  3. David

    I’ve been using this organic weed killer for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s incredibly easy to use – all you need to do is spray it directly onto the weeds, and they will start to die within a matter of hours. What’s great about this product is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could harm your pets or children. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective and safe way to get rid of weeds.

  4. Michael

    Bye-bye weeds, hello beauty!

  5. Ethan

    Adios worked wonders.

  6. Jacob

    Best organic weed killer.

  7. Noah

    Adios killed every weed in sight, but my plants remained unscathed. It’s a miracle worker!

  8. Harrison

    I was skeptical at first, but Adios proved me wrong. My weeds disappeared, and my garden looks fantastic.

  9. Benjamin

    Adios is the best weed killer I’ve ever used. It’s safe, effective, and easy to apply. I love that it’s organic, too. I recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful garden.

  10. William

    No more harmful chemicals needed.

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